How Software Testing Tools Work


In our technology obsessed world, software is big business. But big business can’t perform if the software has too many kinks that haven’t been worked out in the time allotted. The developers and programmers are given a deadline so that the software has a chance to be tested and adjusted before it is revealed to the public. Stakeholders should know whether the software program will do what it was designed to do. is a website that offers assistance to developers and programmers through the software that their company provides to do automated testing on developing software programs.

They produce software programs that are totally customizable to any company’s project. The program allows for the developers to input the names of projects, input program codes as the project is being developed, and then an automated testing feature in the program will frequently test those codes to make sure that they work. The program will then give feed back on the codes as the test was done. Programmers do not have to stop what they are doing to test codes; they can continue making progress with the project. They simply review the data that the automated testing program has compiled and either makes adjustments or not.

The company also has a software program that is designed for a project team to use. This software is downloaded onto the lead system which is accessible by everyone on the team and is customizable to the current project that the team happens to be working on. This program keeps a running journal of the development process without being repetitive or tedious. Each member is able to give detailed feedback about any part of the project without making changes to the actual material. So the sample material, the comment/critique, any supporting documents or files and a visual record of all who have viewed or commented on the material are organized on one page. It is like looking at an easy to read spreadsheet. There is no need for e-mails back and forth; cc-ing, or reply all-ing to team members. Everyone has real time feed of all the project information.

While no testing system can catch all of the coding errors made by programmers or omitted codes that cause failure; having software tools that can aid in the processes of code review and collaboration is well worth the investment. These software testing tools are as invaluable to programmers as spell check is to document writers.


Great Plugins on Your WordPress Website

Once you have your WordPress website up, then it’s time to start looking into some plugins. Not only can they make your website look better, but they can also make it run faster! You really can’t go wrong with a lot of the WordPress plugins that are available – especially the ones that are highly rated. Here are some great plugins that you can use on your website.

1. W3 Total Cache – This plugin definitely has to rank up at the top of all plugins that are available. With this plugin, you will find that your website loads much faster than usual. Not only that, but it also stores static versions of your website that will also make viewing your website that much faster. If you want to have a website that people enjoy going to, then it has to be able to load fast!

2. WP Page Navi – On your current WordPress theme, you will see that there are older and newer post links to view your older and newer posts. Many people find that this looks very unprofessional, and they would rather have “page buttons” where viewers can click on whichever page they wish to go to. Not only is this easier for people viewing your website, but it also looks much more professional as well.

3. Platinum SEO – Platinum SEO is another great plugin that you can use for WordPress. SEO obviously plays a huge part in how well your website ranks. If your website ranks well, then it will show up under Google much more than it would if it didn’t rank well. Platinum SEO makes optimizing your website easy for those that have relatively no experience in the past with this type of deal, and that’s what makes it such a great plugin to have.

4. Tweet Old Posts – This is another great plugin that you can use. Since you may not have a lot of time to get on your social network to make posts linking your followers to your website, then this plugin will do it for you!

Like mentioned before, having solid plugins on your website is a great way to enhance it. Your site will run faster and look more professional at the same time. You don’t necessarily need a ton of plugins, but you definitely can’t go wrong by having some of the highly recommended ones!

Making Your Website More Compatible

Technology has its own way of making its name well recognized and highly appreciated in the modern society. As the rise of computers is evident, the same is true in the development of online sites, which bear a variety of features and applications. Many people tend to pose negative comments regarding several websites that exist, thinking that making one is as easy as memorizing the ABC. What most people don’t know is that websites are one tedious project to indulge into.

Basically, the making of websites is initiated by a team of individuals who use a site-builder and who have excellent knowledge in web design as well as concepts on industrial technology and online marketing. Apart from that, websites come to existence only when it has passed a series of tests which evaluate the output’s functionality, efficiency, speed and responsiveness. And the most of all, the critical area where websites are crucially tried and tested for several times is its versatility among the different browsers that are made available for use.

A lot of people try to gain access to the same site address utilizing different browsers at the same time. And others find it subtly disturbing that errors take place when same site is accessed in synchronization. Thus, most website producers these days make sure that the websites they produce have high compatibility to several browsers, even when used in a simultaneous manner.

Today, there are already several numbers of applications and programs which thoroughly test the effectiveness of the website being made. Most of these website tests are comprised of tools which evaluate the basic function of the website and further evaluate it through putting it to a series of tests with the various browsing engines that are produced.

One most accessible and easy methods of knowing which browsers are compatible with the website being made is by making use of service that has the capacity of knowing which browsers are being used by viewers of the website. In this way, the web designer can obtain reliable information regarding the functionality of such output. One famous service being used worldwide is the Google Analytics service. This service allows the web producer to know which browsers can efficiently gain access to the site as well as it permits web designers to address the concerns imposed by the viewers regarding the website per se.

Apart from that, website designers must also put into consideration several factors when making a website that can be accessed through several different browsers. One of which is the validity of Web documents such as the web addresses and the links being incorporated within the website. Web experts highly advise amateur web designers to keep their addresses simple and clean as possible. This does not only make their website freely accessible to users but it can also show high versatility rates with the use of multiple browsers.

Another factor is the input or the encoding of the characters required in every web design. Each of the codes must be carefully entered as well as the symbols and special characters must be critically analyzed as this can hamper the overall functional level of the site.

Thus, web designers must be equally knowledgeable and critical in making one website that can be accessed through several different web browsers.


Top websites for stock market trading

Are you seeking information on the best trading sites online? Perhaps you are looking for more options, to switch companies, or maybe you are just getting into the market. Every trading sites has its perks, but every site also has its rules, up front costs, or fees. Below is a list of the top websites for trading stocks, their fees, features, and everything else in between.

- Scottrade is a trading website that is designed around “options trading” with $7 trading fees. To open an account it will cost $500, however there are no inactivity fees which in turn makes this a great option for the occasional trader. Trades are executed immediately, no wait period besides the mandatory three day settlement, as per law. They also offer IRA, customer service, and they have a mobile website for on the go trading. The only downsides are that they offer no online banking, and their customer service is only available Monday through Friday.

- Zecco is considered quite unique in the world of online trading. They offer a more community driven service, and a very easy to learn system. They require no minimum deposit for accounts, and offer account protection up to $35 million. Trades start at $4.95 per trade, or $0.65 per contract, and they currently offer stocks for under $1, and over $1 too. You will be sure to find top notch customer service if you have any problems, and there is also a glossary of trading terms right on their website. There is also a site supported Firefox add-on that allows you to visit other websites, and still trade. This site is great for beginners to advanced traders.

- E-Trade Financial is geared towards traders that are either experts or intermediate in their trading knowledge. Not to say that a beginner couldn’t use their service but you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed, however they also offer a lot of free classes designed to help people of all levels too. They offer global trading with six different markets, and free independent trading research depending upon trading level. They do have a minimum account balance of $500 to open an account, and it must be maintained for 60 days. Fees are based upon the amount of available funds in your account but start as low as $7.99, and are as high as $12.99 with $0.75 per options contract fee. Online banking, IRA, global investing, and top of the line customer service. For the beginner trader, like said above, you may become overwhelmed easily with the website itself as it is loaded to the brim with information, however it really is a great place for a beginner, with the upfront costs, to really learn about trading, and investing.

Penny stocks are simply stocks that cost less than $1. If this is an area you are looking at for investing there are some pitfalls that should be avoided, and some basic rules of thumb for buying, and selling.

- Pay a company or service to research for you.

If you can’t imagine yourself having the time, or knowledge to do research on stocks, you can always pay a reputable company to handle the leg work for you. When looking at companies you will want to make sure they have the following, a working phone number, a free trial, and finally has the media covered the research company.

If you are new to stock trading all together try to learn as much of the terminology as you can, and don’t be afraid to use a cheat sheet of common terminology no matter how you decide to trade. Penny stocks are great for first time investors, investors with little start up money or investors with a lot of money that want to trade hazardously. However, if not careful, or you do not research well you may end up losing quite a bit of money. Keep in mind, that though most people start with the best penny stocks, a lot of people start with bigger firms, and make just as much money towards their retirement or income.

Improve Your Website While Retaining Customers

Websites have become an essential portion of the way a business brands itself. With a growing number of people using the Internet through an expanding amount of devices, it may soon be the most important way to express the beliefs and goals of your company. With that being said, it is important that one takes close consideration into the the content and the overall way the website is set up. If a visitor feels that not enough care was taken in laying out the company site, they will leave the page in an instant which can certainly be a blow to profits. This can be prevented through a variety of ways by improving the quality of your website.

To begin, it is best to approach the website with a fresh mind, as if you have never seen it before. This is a vital step, as you will begin to see it through the eyes of your customers when they first check out the page. If you can feel that you’re going to be biased in doing so, have a friend or family member review the page and tell you their first impressions. This is the hardest part for some business owners to understand because they are so use to being in control of decisions that they quickly forget who it is they are trying to serve. With a new guest’s mentality in mind review the rest of the site and jot down notes. Use these notes to develop a rough guide of changes you would like to see take place.

One of the most critical improvements to be had is the landing page. The home page can be summed up in the phrase “You only get one first impression”. Remember this and sculpt the new page to be user friendly. Try not to overcrowd this page, you want it to load quick and be easy on the eyes. Common uses of this page include displaying a logo, a brief paragraph about the company and it’s products or services, and a navigation menu. It is easy to get carried away here so just remember the goal is to be as minimal as possible while maintaining a professional appearance.

The next thing to be considered is the navigation of the site itself. How many times have you tried going to another companies site and were unable to find what you needed right away? The sad truth is it is all too often, this frustration will not be ignored by customers. If it is too hard to find what they are looking for they will search elsewhere. The reason being is the Internet is easily searched, so unlike a physical location where the customer came specifically to your business, they can just pop open a search engine and go to your competition. Take time figuring out what visitors will be looking for and make these the easiest pages to visit. Supplying related links after paragraphs of information can also help connect guests to what they desire to view next.

Lastly you will want to get a customer service page up. This way whenever they have a question or concern about your webpage, there will be an easy avenue for them to ask about it. There are ways to do this while programming your website, but the easiest way is to go through a 3rd party service for help desks. Your customers will be more satisfied with the help desk system.

Using these basic premises with the visitor in mind, you can completely re-sculpt a site to be better able to serve those it is intended to be used by. Remember, a minimalist approach will work wonders as guests want to be able to get to the information they want without having to skim through an endless amount of filler. Details are great, but use them in isolated occurrences and they will be much more powerful and come across as professional in tone.


Great WordPress Plugins

A plugin is a computer program that adds extra features to a web page, or other software application, or app. Some of the most common plugin brands are Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, and Microsoft Silverlight. Plugins can be used for anything from playing a video, to scanning your computer for viruses.

The term for adding plugins and combining them with other things such as snap-ins, extensions and themes is add-on.

Some examples of plugins you will see on just about every web page you visit are e-mail, graphics, media players, Microsoft Office, packet sniffers, and plugins that play videos such as Flash, or Quicktime.
Email clients use plugins in very important actions like encrypting emails, which protects your privacy. Graphics software uses plugins to support things like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, and other programs that feed your artistic side. Microsoft Office uses add-ins to run programs like GStreamer, Winmap and more.

Plugins were created in the 1970′s but weren’t released to the public until 1987. The first computer that used plugins was a MAC. The first plugins that were created were Digital Darkroom and SuperPaint.

Current plugins can only run on six frameworks, C++, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, and .NET. WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. What wordpress does is re-arrange widgets, or a small application within a web page. When using wordpress you can also switch between themes.
WordPress applications currently exist for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry.

WordPress originated as a company called b2 or cafelog. WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. WordPress has won four awards from 2007 to 2011 including Open Source Web App of the Year Award in 2011 at “The Critters”.

Currently the featured plugins from WordPress are BuddyPress, WPtouch, Jetpack by, WP Super Cache, and Wickett Twitter Widget. BuddyPress is social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community. WPtouch is a simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your website. WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application. Jetpack is where you can supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users. WP Super Cache is A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files. Lastly, Wickett Twitter Widget is where you can display tweets from one or more Twitter accounts a WordPress widget. As seen on

Another very popular program that WordPress offers is WordPress Slider Plugin. WordPress Slider Plugin is also called vSlider. vSlider is an image slide show script that can display specific images on your WordPress based website with fading or sliding transitions. With vSlider you can easily install unlimited image sliders, and even use up to 20 custom images and links! vSlider is based on jQuery innerfade plugin. It comes as a simple zip file that you open in your plugin folder. There are other jQuery slideshow for WordPress that will make your site more user friendly and interactive.

If you need a magento plugin there are plenty to choose from also. Magento is a form of template that will help sell items on your website. Ecommerce is becoming a huge percentage of websites popping up over WordPress and there is a higher demand for an online store. When you decide on what plugins to use, make sure you look for these shopping cart solutions to help sell products on your website.

Next time you have your iPod in your hand take a second to consider where the app you just downloaded actually came from and how it works. Also keep WordPress in mind the next time you hop on and edit your very own website!


Different Forms of Online Communication

Since the Internet’s growth in the 1990′s near-instant communication had such dramatic effects on world culture. Of course, the Internet is all about communication, and all the websites that appeared when the World Wide Web came out were just some of the ways that information was disseminated. There are several ways for people to interact with each other online now, whether through text-based means, or audio, image, or video.

E-mail is an important communications service available on the Internet. E-mail is an important communications service available on the Internet. Letters have been used since ancient times, and sending messages electronically started out with the advent of the telegraph. Of course, means of sending messages to the computer was soon developed, and e-mailing helped changed the way people communicated.

Online chat is instantaneous, but it works in real time, so it requires people to be online for them to exchange text-based messages. Internet Relay Chat is one of the earliest forms of online chat, and remains very popular worldwide. People can log in to a chat room and chat with whoever else is logged in, opening virtual rooms of their own for private conversations. The oldest chat rooms available are still text-based, but some also use voice and text.

Instant messaging also offers real-time communication and allows easy collaboration. E-mail services like Yahoo included instant messaging as part of the service, making it different from IRC by giving people the option to subscribe to a channel, and messages are received by the user as soon as they are made.

With the Internet forum, or message board, people can post messages for a group to discuss. In a forum, discussions are grouped into subforums that cover several specific topics, or threads. Messages are archived, unlike in chat where discussions disappear when the users log out. Messages may need to be approved by the forum moderator.

Many web logs, or blogs, regularly provide information on a particular subject. There are many types of blogs. Many are like personal diaries, or journals. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. What makes the blog different from the websites that came out in the 90s is that people can leave their comments about the topic, which the person maintaining the blog can reply to. People usually subscribe to a blog to receive the latest updates, and perhaps a reply from the blogger. Twitter is a microblog, and every tweet sent by the account holder is available for the entire world to read, or at least to a select few who are following.

Once it became possible for the voice to be transmitted in chat rooms, it was not long before VOIP would revolutionize the telephone service. VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, but better understood as an Internet Telephone. Using the Internet as the carry a person’s voice makes it cheaper to make calls, especially long distance calls. VoIP users won’t be able to communicate during power shortages, though.

Social networking services have gotten very popular in the past few years. Such services combined e-mail, microblogging, instant messaging, all for the purpose of bringing people together. It allows people to connect to others with the same interests, beliefs, knowledge, relations.

Cloud document sharing is one other concept of online communication that has really evolved over the last few years from being mainly for online backup services to a means of editing documents and efficiently collaborating with your fellow co-workers.

There are many more forms of communication being used on the Web, and still more will be made in the future. Already some of the forms above are being used less and less often, and may soon be obsolete. Only time will reveal what the future holds.


Buying a Cheap Laptop Online

The proper thing to do is to use a laptop much longer than the warranty period, as long as it will run. Try not to give into the sexy ads about the new and exciting features of the iPad or the newest competitive tablet that comes on the market to challenge the Apple lion’s share of touch screen computing. Buying a used Dell or HP laptop is a very environmentally friendly thing to do. When laptops stop running, they do not simply disappear from site, never to be seen or heard from again. They go on and on and on in their Kevlar like bodies that do not disintegrate biologically for thousands of years. These old units that do not breakdown leak hazardous materials in their screens that slowly seep into the landfills where these old computers are usually dumped.

If you don’t know of any credible online sources to buy a laptop do your research and search for example, “cheap laptop new york city” and local establishments and online stores will show up.  Once you find the right deal your good to go. Here are some other viable options to consider.

Save money and buy refurbished. There are many great sites online to buy a used laptop. Instead of buying a new laptop with the latest OS that is full of bugs from not having been completely user tested, why not purchase a laptop that has a more dependable Operating System that has had all the bugs updated and removed? Many users did not like the changes that were sold to them when Windows came up with Vista, the Windows 7 and now the latest one. A great place to look first is Amazon where they often have a great deal of used inventory for less. There is often an excess of inventory that needs to be moved out and although these laptops are not the top of the line or new, they are great buys.

Buying from the Geeks dot com site means the selection of refurbished laptops is available at prices lower than four hundred dollars. Name brands are usually available but of course it does depend on what is in stock at the time. EBay is a favorite for many because the prices vary so widely. The prices can be unbelievably low, which is the appeal of using eBay to find cheap laptops. Another way to find great deals on eBay is to use the misspelled word finder. Because the names of the item brands are misspelled, no one finds these auctions and therefore the prices are much lower and a great deal can be found.

When shopping for a used laptop a stop at is a must do as they often have many new and refurbished deals. A great place to find a specialization in used and new laptops is LaptopOutlet dot com. Here there is always a large selection of brand name laptops in refurbished condition and under three hundred dollars. Of course they also sell new models in case the whole used laptop idea makes a buyer skittish. The new models are also offered at bargain prices.

For laptops a bargain basement prices a great place to browse on the internet is TechforLess dot com. They have selections of refurbished laptops for much less than most of their competitors, which are about the lowest prices among the competitors. A buyer can save up to two hundred dollars on some of the used laptops on this site.
EBay is not the only auction site to try getting a really great deal. uBid dot com is another great auction site where many types of electronics, cell phones, smart phones, laptops and more are auctioned to the highest bidder within a certain time. Auctions for a given item can start as low as one dollar. Research the type of laptop desired and then check out these sites to make a purchase.